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Vehicle Transportation Services

Need local transportation for your vehicle without the hassle of driving? Leo's Wrecker Service and Storage will work hard to give you the best quote for your vehicle's journey. Our prices range based on distance traveled, and amount of equipment carried. However, we guarantee a good deal, and a quality transport of your car, boat, or motorcycle.

How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

The shipping time depends on distance as well as pick up and delivery windows which are usually 1-5 business days.

What Paperwork should I provide?

There isn't any paperwork you must provide unless your vehicle is leaving the country via transport. The company will prepare the paperwork you need to review beforehand. You may also need to sign off on damage notes taken of your vehicle beforehand.

How should I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Thoroughly wash your car, and make note (written and photographed) of the damage you see and date it. Confirm those records with the transport company before the shipment of your automobile.

What do I do if I notice damage upon the delivery of my vehicle?

Inspect your vehicle and review your initial notes. If there is information that differs, report those damages to the shipping company and allow them to handle insurance coverage.

What is the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?

Open shipping involves open air trucks (most common) with no sides or roof, leaving vehicles exposed to the environment. It is the least expensive of the two. Enclosed shipping involves an enclosed trailer which protects the vehicle from the elements. This is more expensive, and the best choice for luxury vehicles.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my shipment?

The scheduling of your car shipment should occur as soon as you realize you need to transport your vehicle. This allows for the service center to more conveniently match your schedule.

Door-to-door service vs. terminal-to-terminal service?

Door-to-door service involves the pick-up and delivery of client's vehicles to and from specified locations. Terminal-to terminal service is more affordable and involves the transport of the client's vehicle to and from the closest terminals of the company.

Can I leave items in my car?

Auto transport companies are not insured to transport your belongings. Only your vehicle.

Can I put a car cover on my vehicle?

Yes. However, car covers have been known to damage paint as well as fly off during transit.

Can I choose where my car sits on the truck?

Particular spots can be requested, but not guaranteed.